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Bruder models with this label have cabins where toy figures can be placed in.

Siku radio controlled models and accessories

Bruder SK6702

status Siku Accu € 17.50
Bruder SK6705

status Siku Power accu MAN € 28.75
Bruder SK6706

status Siku Batterij lader € 39.00
Bruder SK6708

status RC Remote Control € 48.95
Bruder SK6721

status Siku MAN met dieplader € 283.99
Bruder SK6725

status Siku Scania vrachtwagen € 283.99
Bruder SK6727

status Siku 3-assige trailer € 90.89
Bruder SK6777

status Siku John Deere 7R met voorlader € 158.75
Bruder SK6780

status Siku 2-assige aanhanger met accu € 59.99
Bruder SK6781

status Siku 2 assige kieper met accu € 59.99
Bruder SK6782

status Siku Hark € 52.02
Bruder SK6783

status Siku Ploeg € 44.85
Bruder SK6784

status Siku Vogel & Noot cultivator € 58.75
Bruder SK6786

status Siku 3-assige haaklift trailer (RC) € 94.99
Bruder SK6805

status Siku herlaadbare accu Siku-racing (RC) € 11.75
Bruder SK6806

status Siku acculader voor SK6805 (RC) € 25.75
Bruder SK6807

status Siku bandenset A (RC) € 9.85
Bruder SK6808

status Siku bandenset B (RC) € 9.85
Bruder SK6810

status Siku Startset GT Challange € 298.75
Bruder SK6822

status Siku Racing Porsche 911 complete set (RC) € 133.95
Bruder SK6823

status Siku Racing Mercedes-Benz complete set (RC) € 133.95
Bruder SK6826

status Siku Racing BMW M4 DTM complete set (RC) € 133.95
Bruder SK6827

status Siku Racing Bentley Continental GT3 complete set ( € 133.95
Bruder SK6852

status Siku Racing banenset (hoek 30 graden)(RC) € 28.75
Bruder SK6853

status Siku Racing banenset speciaal (RC) € 28.75
Bruder SK6854

status Siku Racing accessoires bandenstapels en pionnen ( € 16.85
Bruder SK6880

status Siku Fendt 939 € 84.79
Bruder SK6881

status Siku John Deere 8345R € 84.79
Bruder SK6882

status Siku Claas Axion 850 € 84.99
Bruder SK7962

status Siku Remote Control voor serie SK68- (RC) € 19.75

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