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Bruder models with this label have cabins where toy figures can be placed in.

Sluban building bricks

Sluban bricks are compatable with other brands like LEGO.

Bruder M38-B0556

status Sluban Town Farm tractor, met twee poppetjes, 103 bouwblokjes € 6.75
Bruder M38-B0557

status Sluban Town Farm Paarden Wasplaats € 7.35
Bruder M38-B0558

status Sluban Town bulldozer, 165 blokjes en 2 poppetjes € 9.95
Bruder M38-B0559

status Sluban Town Paardentransporter, 170 bouwsteentjes, 2 poppetjes en paard € 9.75
Bruder M38-B0560

status Sluban Town manege, 526 bouwblokjes, 7 poppetjes. Inclusief vrachtwagentje en koets € 23.90
Bruder M38-B0561

status Sluban Town Boerderij, 512 blokjes. Met tractor en aanhanger, 5 poppetjes, koeien en accessoires € 23.90

Building bricks

The building bricks from Sluban are from the same size as the more known LEGO bricks. The Sluban boxes we have available are those with the farming themes, including the farm, tractor, horse truck and barn.

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