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Bruder models with this label have cabins where toy figures can be placed in.
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Bruder toys trucks and transportation Bruder toys tractors and farms machinery Bruder toys farm machinery and equipment
Bruder toys diggers and construction vehicles Bruder toy playfigures from Bworld Bruder roadmax toys from age 2
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Welcome on www.bruder-speelgoed.nl

As one of the leading European toys specialists we offer the full range of Bruder toys, including over 700 different spareparts, very competitive prices, even when shipped to your country, large stock on all products and a good supply chain when articles run out of stock. We are able to offer these low prices by a very straight forward strategy and very low overhead. For example: we don't invest in expensive custom made shipping boxes, no state of the art new office buildings or expensive warehouses. That are only a few of the reasons why our prices are so competitive.

Bruder Profi trucks and transportation

The beautiful Bruder trucks from the Profi series are just like the real thing. They are strong but still very detailed. There the Bruder toy truckmodels are inspired by their real contemporaries, you shall find a number of well known brands like Mercedes-Benz (MB) with their Sprinter and Arocs models, MAN TGA and MAN TGS, Scania, Mack and Unimog. And it is not only the details that make the difference, but also the many real working features that make these trucks a real joy to play with!

Bruder Profi tractors and agricultural machines

Where there are so many tractor brands in the real world, Bruder toys did a great job to have most of them as a working scale toy model. And with the large number of accessories and add-ons, like frontloaders, many trailers and other articles every child can build his own small Bruder farm. Bruder toys produce tractor models from the following brands: John Deere, Fendt, Deutz, Same, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Claas, Case, Steyr and JCB.

Bruder Profi farming machinery

All the Bruder tractors are equiped with a basic coupling system, allowing them to be coupled to all the different Bruder accessories. So all the different trailers and farming machinery from Bruder can be coupled to all Bruder different tractors, wether it is a 2000-, 2100-, or 3000-series tractor, the accesories are interchangeble.

Bruder Profi diggers and construction vehicles
For the small builders Bruder has a wide variety of construction vehicles, excavators and loaders. All of them with real working features and inspired by the real Liebherr, CAT, JCB and Schaeff big brothers. Also very well combinable with the Bruder Bworld toy figures.

Bruder Roadmax
garbage truck Bruder Roadmax Roadmax truck with crane Bruder Roadmax tractor with trailer Bruder
Specially for the smallest ones, Bruder introduced the Roadmax series, with soft wheels and extra strong and colorfull features. Learn to play and discover.

KidsGlobe farming, stables, farms, sheds and farm annimals
KidsGlobe farming barns, stables, sheds, farm animals and cows
To complement the wide variety of Bruder and Siku scale models, we have the KidsGlobe Farming articles. These offer many agricultural scale buildings, like farms, barns, and sheds and many items are available in the scales 1:16, 1:32, 1:50 and 1:87 (HO). The KidsGlobe products have proven to be a perfect match for Siku models as well for Bruder (1:16).

Bruder product videos
Still uncertain if Bruder is the brand you are going to take? Be inspired by the following Bruder movie from youtube. We also have a lot of Bruder product movies coupled to the specific product pages, to give you a better idea of the possibilities for the specific product.

What can you expect when buying at Bruder-speelgoed.nl?
We are a no-nonsense webshop trying to keep our prices as low as possible to have our products available to as many people as possible. To arrange that we differ on some stages from the more traditional shops. We do not use expensive custom made shipping materials, but re-use incomming boxes as much as possible. That also leaves us with a minimal environmental footprint. We don't invest in expensive cars, futuristic buildings or fancy new warehouses. No 24/7-manned helpdesk by phone, but a very well trained support team using mail. A good posed and answered question works much better than a very general phone conversation stating nothing and which at the end cannot be reproduced either.
We ship on a daily basis (monday-friday) and by use of a large stock most orders are shipped within 24 hours after payment is received. For international payments you can either use Paypal (quickest way) or bank transfer (expect 1 or 2 days delay).

Full range of Bruder products
We have the full range of Bruder products available and on stock (unless mentioned specifically per product), which is roughly about 250 different Bruder products. Beside the normal range of Bruder products we also try to have all Bruder toys spare parts available, where we in general have an availability of over 85% of all different spare parts throughout the year. Those spare parts which are out of stock are put directly on order to keep waiting times as low as possible. Unfortunately, we face a delay of 3-4 weeks if spare parts need to be ordered from the factory, so in some occasions that might be the time to wait in the rare event a spare part is out stock and not yet put on order. We try to minimize these events, but with a coverage of almost whole Europe, there is always a change a specific item is requested more than expected.

Background information Bruder Toys
Toys from the brand Bruder differ for a few reasons from other brands. The basis is found in the solidness of the products, without compromising details. The motto of Bruder is "Just like the real thing" and that does not only refer to a look-alike nature to the real machines, but also the many real working functions in the Bruder toys models. Also the use of real brands as base for their toys-line gives children the possibility to identify themselves with the real brands. Bruder products can be used indoor as well as outdoor. And last but not least: Bruder is one of the very few brands to produce spare parts, to encourage to repair toys instead of throwing away when broken. More specific information can also be found on the Bruder website: Bruder company site.

Other brands
Next to the Bruder product, we also offer a wide range of toys from other brands, like Siku, KidsGlobe, Klein and Wiking.

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