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BREXIT and COVID important updates: more info


Due to the upcoming BREXIT there are still a lot of uncertainties regarding transportation and customs. At this time we have no exact insight in what the future will bring. However, when the United Kingdom has no more treaties regarding goods entering, this will automatically result in a much higher cost per shipment (mainly due increased administrative costs and customs forms). Unfortunately it might result that we have to cease sales to the UK or increase the shipping costs to match the true costs.

Update 4 jan 2021. Due to Brexit, shipping costs to the UK have more than doubled. As a result, we are forced to delete this destination. As shipments to Ireland go through the UK, we can also no longer offer this destination due to the excessively increased costs. We hope for your understanding.

Update 22 dec. Due to the new covid variant in the United Kingdom, all transport to and from the UK has been halted for at least 48 hours. Due to the already existing delays at Calais, several shipments are currently stalled. Packages in transit are unlikely to receive new scans for a longer time as long as they remain in the same location or are loaded into a truck. As a result, we cannot provide more information than you can view via the track and trace itself.
Due to the current uncertainties regarding Covid and Brexit for the immediate future, we have decided to stop shipping parcels to the UK and Ireland for the time being. In the coming days we will try to personally inform all customers with outstanding orders. Due to the higher demand around Christmas, it may happen that messages take longer than desired. We hope for your understanding.

Update 15 dec. Because Brexit is imminent, many immigrants are still trying to make the crossing, causing unsafe situations at Calais and a lot of extra delay due to stricter procedures. Due to the forthcoming Brexit, there is a lot of extra freight traffic to the UK. This causes major delays at Calais. Some carriers keep parcels at the transit stations, because previous trucks are still locked up. Expect there will be delays. Unfortunately, once the package has been transferred to the carrier, we cannot provide any further updates, other than the information that you can follow yourself via the track and trace.

Unfortunately, we have no influence on the current situation and we do our best to process all orders according to our ability. If orders can no longer be fulfilled, we will of course return the payments. We sincerely apologize for the current situation and hope for your understanding.

General remarks and restrictions
Because shops and parcel points are closed at a local level, it is extremely important to keep a close eye on the track and trace to prevent parcels bouncing due to a closed parcel point.
If there are changes in the status of your order, you can see this online and provide feedback if possible so that we can anticipate in a timely manner: check order status.

Restrictions per destination country
Due to local measures it might happen parcels are delayed during (international) transportation. Unfortunnately we have no influence on that. Because international transport offers considerable challenges due to the various local and national restrictions, it may be that parcels are on the road longer than desired. Unfortunately we have no influence on this at all. We hope for your understanding if there is a delay on the way.

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